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There are some incredible initiatives popping up online with great outlets to help occupy people during this global pandemic. Technology allows us to be together despite geography and connect, learn and grow. I am going to share some great links here in the blog with the hopes that others who are looking for something will find, and I hope you will comment below the blog with some recommendations of your own.

Johnny's 5

1) Simcoe Tennis 'AT-HOME' Tennis training of course. Mental Workshops, Interviews, Fitness ALL FREE. No better place than right here to get you moving, learning and connected.

2) Seane Corn Yoga. It's about an hour, free class once per week, usually on Sunday, she is one of the absolute best yoga teachers on earth. I did it April 5, it was a great routine.

3) Yaymaker is an online Art teaching site, you sign up for the painting you want to learn and join in using when the class begins. This one is not free, but affordable.

4) Sugar Ridge Retreat is offering free meditation online. I have not tried this yet, but will be sure to check it out myself. Thanks Michele for this link.

5) My all-time favorite tennis website is Essential Tennis, such an amazing library of lessons. Ian and his team do a really great job, check them out.

Now it's your turn to share some great links with us, comment below and if you can share the address.

Last thing; for just a little fun... I started an instagram account with a friend of mine. It is called #need2lookclosely or #n2lc for short. It features pictures with someone hidden in the picture. Check it out and see if you can find the hidden human (or dog) in the pictures. Follow us and post your own #n2lc pictures.

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