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1st Hawk Club Champs Winner

The 1st Skyhawk Club Championships took place in the last week of outdoor tennis, starting a new tradition of our team players battling it out against each other in the preseason of the League championships. This event is a great way to get some competition without leaving home and seeing how our players compete when it matters. And boy they did not disappoint. 


Calling all racquet sport enthusiasts

Check out this link if you love racquet sports. Its a great event and you might really enjoy it.


Thanksgiving Trip to Rochester details

Thanksgiving trip to Rochester details.

The Kids are Alright

Claire (Boyaa) Brown, Genevieve (Chip) Quenville, Bryson (BMAN) Tye and Max (Maximus) Gillespie-Hewitt capture the 2015 Midhurst Tennis Access Mixed Team event. The kids of the tournament faced all challenges and came up Aces winning the event under the lights. Congrats to all competitors and a big thanks to MTC and Tennis Access and Sandra Barrett for all her hard work.

Blockbuster Movie Premier

Spartletes of week 8 pose on the Cricket pitch during Hollywood Week. This week our Spartletes worked hard during PRE-Production (brainstorming, storyboarding, costume/set design and score production) and Production (actual on set filming) with POST production (Movie Poster Design) still to come. To see our two films click on the links below.


Campers beat the heat

Jack Rowsell cools off during extreme heat of SPART Camp. Campers have given it their all this week despite the near emergency temperatures and humidity with the help of popsicles, watermelon and LOTS OF WATER.

Tanner and T-Time win Blue Mountain

Tanner Allen (pictured) and Tristan Goetz won the U13 (Tanner) and U14 divisions at the season ending Springwater Summer Series event in Blue Mountain at Monterra Tennis Club. Congratulations to both players on a great tournament and keep up the great work.

Oro Medonte Tennis Camp

Sarah Hinton coaches the camp at Oro Medonte Tennis Club and the kids had a great time. Oro Medonte has a wonderful two court club in the hills at Horseshoe Valley. To find out more about the great programs at OMTC click here.

Rebekah Stevens has her eye on the ball

Rebekah Stevens has her eye on the ball during tennis at The Superheroes v Villains week of Spart Camp at Midhurst Tennis Club. To see all the pics from this week click here.

4 Camps, 1 Day

On August 11th Simcoe Tennis coached or ran 4 seperate camps at 4 different locations.

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