Superleague and Little League runs through the spring months at Midhurst Tennis Club just north of Barrie and is a district level in-club league. It features both a U18 Full Court League of 30 players and a U10 3/4 and 1/2 Court League.

U18 SuperLeague Begins May 12, 8 wks, 4-9pm at MTC
U10 LittleLeague Begins May 12, 8 wks, 4-5pm at MTC


The InterCounty Tennis Association League is the largest in Canada and runs on Saturdays and Sundays in the spring season. The Skyhawks have participated in both the U18/14 and the U12/10 divisions since 2015, The Tennis Rocks Festival at Aviva Centre is the League Championships and Skyhawks have won 3 TR Titles.

The North South League runs through the winter months featuring clubs in South Central Ontario. League finals are in early March.

2019 NSL U18 Champions


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