Top 10 Sports Movies

Often I use scenes from movies to explain a point on the tennis court. I have often talked about certain scenes from certain movies over and ove again because they are so profound and moving. Here is my list of Top 10 Sports movies and in some cases the scene in particular to pay close attention to for some super sports motivation and inspiration, or in some cases; good old entertainment. 4 Special Mentions 21 Not certain you can count Blackjack as a sport, but this movie starring Kevin Spacey has one scene in it where the character played by Spacey scolds one of his students for gambling instead of counting cards. He talks about decision making not being emotional, and once it becomes emot

Why do players grunt

There are a few questions I get about grunting a lot. Here are my answers. 1) Why do players sometimes grunt or shriek when they hit the ball? A) The more intense a match and player (personalities range greatly) the more likely you are to hear some noise from the shot-makers. Watch TV or go see pro tennis, if you can get up close you will see just about every pro grunts at certain times, even Federer. The intensity of the match brings out an unconscious and audible exhalation. Its the same as intense weight lifters or martial artists. The reasons they do this is to expel energy. What you are hearing is really just an audible breath. Its the sound of tension leaving the body at contact. A pl

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