Fake it till you BECOME it!

Over the years the coaching staff and I have compiled a nice little list of mantras that we use on-court and one of those is 'Fake it till you make it' and this mantra explains the complexities of where confidence comes from. You know the chicken or the egg thing, do you have to be great before you believe you are great or do you have to believe in yourself to make yourself great? When we tell players it's the latter (because if you wait until you are great before you believe you are great, let me tell you, you just might be waiting a long time.) the big issue many of them have, including myself when I crossed this boundary in my early 20's, is feeling disingenuous and insincere. "I can't te

Junior Tennis update

The 2016-17 Tennis season at Barrie North Winter Tennis features four Under 10 House league teams that compete every weekend, plus 6 Under 18 teams, as well as 3 select teams that travel across the province and even south of the border to compete. With each team featuring anywhere from 5 players to 15 each there has never been more kids competing on a regular basis. The sport of tennis has now reached a point that is somewhat comparable to team sports play:practice ratios that allow for kids to PLAY and LEARN simultaneously. The Skyhawks select teams (U10, U12, U18) will be traveling to Ottawa Jan 6-8 to play both The National Tennis School and Ottawa Athletic Club in two separate club exhib

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