Costa Rica Wrap Up

The Week; 1. Fly in a day or two before qualifying, get acclimatized at hotel, and at the tennis club, get in some practice. 2. Practice Spanish speaking with the locals 3. Practice, Compete, Practice, Compete. Let the chips fall where they may. 4. Take notes, do research, get to know people, network etc. 5. Go Home A Day; 1. Wake up (approximately 5am local time) 2. Exercise, and stretch 3. Check messages 4. Eat 5. Practice 6. Play match, take notes 7. Eat 8. Practice; if you have time, or play another match. 9. Recap, Research, Check Messages. Plan 10. Eat Dinner, more admin, unwind. 11. Sleep (approximately 9pm local time) Then for most, or many, you repeat it all over again just in anoth

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