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For a long time now we have been changing what the sport of tennis can provide for players by integrating the TEAM approach. At the district, provincial, national and international level TEAM events are becoming more common and popular. The TCCIL this year has over 6 clubs with TEAM names (Bayview Barracudas, NWTC Dragons, MRTC Aces etc). The OTA ran the TEAM U12 and U10 Championships over 6 days with a record number of entries before Christmas. And the ATP changed Davis Cup to make it all happen in 10 days, and added THE ATP CUP to the calendar making 3 TEAM events (The Laver Cup is the 3rd) It is impossible to deny that TEAM EVENTS are huge right now.

The Skyhawks first went to the USOPEN in 2008. A group of over 20 players and parents made the trek for two days of tennis and a day of Manhattan site-seeing. Ten years later we did it again and 2020 will be our 3rd trip. Players start each morning off with a 2 hour training session led by coaches and then the day of tennis watching the best players in the world at one of the most exciting Grand Slam Events in The City that never sleeps; NYC.

We have also been traveling south of the border every spring to watch a NCAA school compete at the tail end of their seasons. This year we are going to Michigan State and The University of Michigan, while also competing against The Wolfpac Tennis Program out of Lansing Mi.

In early January instead of Ottawa (a yearly trip that we have done for almost ten years) we went to London and played two rounds of matches against Total Tennis.


All of these trips provide something more important than what happens on the tennis court. The players and parents and coaches get to know each other off the court. And when that happens bonds are formed that run deeper and go beyond the lines of the court.

This translates into players fighting that much harder in league matches. It also translates into players not leaving when their matches are done, instead they stay, they support their teammates until the last point.

If you want more information about our NCAA Trip Apr 10-11, or our USOPEN NYC Trip Aug 30-Sep 3, contact Johnny Glanville at

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