WATN - The Big Easy

WATN (Where Are They Now) Ethan Laplante/ The Big Easy Ethan was the first Simcoe Tennis player to receive a tennis scholarship south of the border. Ethan accepted a four year scholarship at The University of Texas Tyler and played with some of the best players in the nation. After graduating he took a job with Edward Jones and is now in downtown Toronto working in the financial world. Ethan returns to Barrie regularly to visit his family who still lives here and takes the time to check in on his old coaches and see the new recruits at the club. He plays hockey now and hasn't had the chance to play much tennis but still remembers his time on the Barrie courts fondly. In his playing days Etha

Bend your knees and move your feet

So Babolat made a mistake with the latest Aero Pro, no question they should have made better bumper guards on that model, it's so thin the string barely lays beneath it and many of the players in our coaching program are breaking strings with that model at the top of it by the grind of the racquet when hitting certain low balls. But I am seeing the same thing happen on other models as well, with bumper guards that are totally fine. When this is happening frequently I have a theory. BEND YOUR KNEES AND MOVE YOUR FEET. Those low balls are tough but if you bend your knees and move your feet you won't be scraping your beautiful racquet on the court as often and therefor won't be grinding strings

The awesomeness of OLD SCHOOL

Many might not know this little fact, but Steve 'Old School' Benson came up with the name SIMCOE TENNIS. Yep, it was 2007 and he and I were talking and he said 'name it Simcoe Tennis.' and I said 'OK'. When someone with the experience and knowledge that Steve has tells you what to do, it's pretty simple; you just do it. And since that day Steve has continued to enrich our tennis community in countless ways. There are few coaches as dependable as Steve, no matter what circumstance, you can count on Steve to be there for you. I have lost track how many times he has bailed me and other coaches out last minute. Rugged, sturdy and dependable to the core. I always know that Steve will say yes and

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