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WATN - The Big Easy

WATN (Where Are They Now) Ethan Laplante/ The Big Easy

Ethan was the first Simcoe Tennis player to receive a tennis scholarship south of the border. Ethan accepted a four year scholarship at The University of Texas Tyler and played with some of the best players in the nation. After graduating he took a job with Edward Jones and is now in downtown Toronto working in the financial world. Ethan returns to Barrie regularly to visit his family who still lives here and takes the time to check in on his old coaches and see the new recruits at the club. He plays hockey now and hasn't had the chance to play much tennis but still remembers his time on the Barrie courts fondly.

In his playing days Ethan had one of the best kick serves as well as a powerful first serve to go with that devastating kicker. He also owned the forehand passing shot down the line, in fact it was a regular occurrence to see him hit a pass off a better than average approach that would wrap around the net post and still find the singles court. Never one for the long grinding rallies Ethan was a strike first and ask questions later sort of player.

Ethan was nicknamed THE BIG EASY because of his laid back style and approach to life. He showed up to tennis wearing his PJ's on more than one occasion and never stressed about the little things. A natural academic with uncanny wit and an incredible sense of humour THE BIG EASY was always a joy to have on the courts.

A bulk of talent and a brilliant mind. Ethan stands out as one of the smartest and most talented players to ever play in Barrie. For years he served as a mentor and role model to the next generation of players and still does when he finds the time to visit the old courts where he once battled against players like Cam Hunter, Sergio Morales, Stuart Benson and Caitlyn Lawrence.

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