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Bend your knees and move your feet

So Babolat made a mistake with the latest Aero Pro, no question they should have made better bumper guards on that model, it's so thin the string barely lays beneath it and many of the players in our coaching program are breaking strings with that model at the top of it by the grind of the racquet when hitting certain low balls. But I am seeing the same thing happen on other models as well, with bumper guards that are totally fine.

When this is happening frequently I have a theory. BEND YOUR KNEES AND MOVE YOUR FEET. Those low balls are tough but if you bend your knees and move your feet you won't be scraping your beautiful racquet on the court as often and therefor won't be grinding strings into submission rather than breaking them the old fashioned way; IN THE MIDDLE.

So here is my call to you all, stop reaching for balls you could just move to, and stop bending at the waist for balls you should be bending at the knees to retrieve. You will still scratch the bumper guard on your racquets with certain shots, but it will take a lot longer to wear through bumper guards.

Do it for me, it will save me a lot of time ordering and putting replacement guards on. Plus in some cases they are not available so we have no choice but to use that ugly head guard tape. And if not for me do it for yourself, I promise you, it will make you a better tennis player!

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