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What is a SPART-lete?

You walk into school and your teacher gives you back your test from yesterday and your friend who sits behind you sees the score and comments "you are so smart" and you find yourself with a choice to make; agree, disagree, or chose neither/both hybrid option.

SPART camp was made to help bridge the gap between artists and athletes, and to help athletes to think more creatively and for artists to be more active to get those creative juices flowing. SPART is about learning 'how to compete' and 'how to create' and how creating helps competing and how competing helps creating. But it's more than just that, it's also a camp that helps children think consciously. It teaches children how to focus on developing their own character to get the results they want. SPART inspires children to DARE TO DREAM, but it goes further in giving them the tools to become the person capable of achieving those dreams.

SPART-letes choose to neither agree or disagree but instead to see yourself as a 'work in progress' and 'forever changing and improving' which means at any given time you could be smart, or not smart, but you are forever dynamic, and never static. Essentially you are forever improving and forever becoming.

Tennis has taught us this, it's a sport where you are so often dynamic in so many ways, and the players that are the most successful at tennis are not the best 'tennis players' but the ones who are able to see themselves as a 'work in progress' instead of a static entity. They play to improve and this mentality brings about a freedom in how they play that maximizes their abilities.

But before we get too idealistic let's be honest and real for a moment; we are all imperfect human beings doing the best we can with what we got. So that means that we are simply not always able to consciously make that choice. The truth is that the default choice occurs 5/6th of the time or 83%. What that default choice becomes varies from 'Damn right, I am smart!" to "I am so dumb they are teasing me" and all the options in between and the actual score on the test is the least relevant component to determining the reaction. What is of much more relevance is your mind-state at the time the comment is made to you.

And that is where the 1/6th comes in, or 17% of the time. We teach our SPART-letes to capture those 17%'s to make the default slowly become more leaning toward creating the mindset that aids the achievement of goals and dreams.

It's a bit like watching grass grow or paint dry, so do not expect drastic change. This is not fast food, this truly takes time, in fact it takes so much time it never gets completed, there is no such thing as a finished product in this arena. But the grass does grow and the paint does dry and it's amazing how those small changes trigger bigger ones.

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